Mike Ho-Sam-Sooi

Mike Ho-Sam-Sooi
Mike Ho-Sam-Sooi is an actor, director and cameraman. He was professionally formed both in Suriname and in Holland and combines various activities, both on and off stage.

Having started as an actor, in recent years Mike became a professional cameraman, editor and movie-director. He produced various short movies, both for television as for internet. Working from his own mediacompany, Lukufilms, he made several documentaries. He is the director of the production, handles the camera and does the editing of the movie.

For example, with Hennah Renfurm he made the serie ‘Koopmannen van Amsterdam” about the origin of the West Indische Compagnie (WIC) and the slave trade from Amsterdam.

Koopmannen van amsterdam

Lately, he directed the documentary about the constitutional reforms in the former Dutch Antilles, called “10/10/10, einde of nieuw begin?”

10-10-10 Einde of nieuw begin


In collaboration with journalist Tanja Fraai, Mike Ho directed and edited informative short movies about how to do business in Aruba or one of the other Dutch-Caribbean islands. In this line, he made a promotion-movie for the company InterExpo Caribbean.


The short movie ‘Zakendoen op Aruba’

Zakendoen op Aruba

The short movie ‘Zakendoen in tropisch Nederland’

Zakendoen in Tropisch Nederland

Mike studied at the School of Drama (Toneelschool) in Maastricht. With his own company, HO-productions, Mike has initiated many theater productions over the years and played outside the Netherlands at various theatre festivals in Europe as well as in the Caribbean. The general public knows Mike from various Dutch TV shows such as “In Voor en Tegenspoed” “Oppassen” and “Goudkust”. Also, he regularly does a voice-over for cartoons and computer games.
In 2011-2013, Mike participates in the German production of the musical ‘Dirty Dancing’. More information about the mediaproductions of Mike Ho Sam-Sooi can be found at: http://www.lukufilms.nl

Mike Ho Sam-Sooi