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Kingdom Youth Parliament (Website)

Kingdom Youth Parliamen Sint Maarten
From May 19 till May 23 the KYP was held on Sint Maarten.
50 youngsters from the Netherlands and the Dutch Islands came together to form the Kingdom Youth Parliament.

Kingdom Youth Parliament Curaçao

The gathering of the Curaçao KYP team in preparation for the coming KYP meeting on Sint Maarten May 2014 .This all takes place in honour of the celibration of 200 years Dutch Kingdom.

Filmworkshop Radulphus 2014

A short movie about 4VWO students of Curaçao’s Radulphus College. They have been following our workshops ‘how to make a short movie?’ for 2 weeks. We trained them in: script writing, filming, editing and presentation. This is the result!
Working period: 13-24 january 2014.
We= Mike Ho, Tanja Fraai, Sulin Passial and Ferdinand Rink.